Create Your Own Reading Nook

Few things are more beneficial for your health and mental well-being than spending a quiet afternoon curling up with a great book at home. Why not create a cozy area specifically for this purpose? Whether you’re building for kids or adults, these well-lit reading spots will bring peaceful tones to any room–and they’re extremely easy to set up!

Add Comfortable Seating and Lighting


These are the two fundamental requirements of any quality reading nook. Choose a space with either natural light or a reading-appropriate lamp and a cushioned seat with pillows for additional comfort.

Your reading nook is a great way to turn a small awkward corner in a living room, playroom, or attic into a well-received functional space. If space is exceptionally tight, make use of floor cushions and pillows with a small lamp. For larger corners and spaces, try a bench or rocking chair and a standing map with a small end table.

Play with Your Lighting


Ideally, your reading nook will be in an area of your home that has a lot of sun streaming in. For this type of reading nook, consider adding a pair of chairs and an end table to a large living room window.

Alternatively, you may opt for a more cave-like lantern-lit reading nook, perfect for your kids’ bedtime stories. Drape a bed canopy or delicate white curtains from your ceiling with a hanging lantern contained within. The resulting soft lighting will make for a perfect late-night reading space.

Consider Reading Outdoors


The rooms inside your home are not the only option for a reading nook! Think about the green space you underutilize outside. A simple covered bench (with or without a substantial stack of pillows) will make for a practical and charming addition to any garden or patio!

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Published on: April 6, 2015
Written by: Storehouse Salvage

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