Homeowners Turn to Salvage Renovation

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by Storehouse Salvage
Originally posted by The Washington Post The name of the game in the construction industry is cost-efficiency. To a builder, whether corporate or individual, resources include time, physical materials, and money. More and more builders and do-it-yourself enthusiasts are turning away from top dollar, brand new materials and are instead investing in warehouse salvage. Salvaged materials are cheaper than new materials, often carry a rustic ambience with them, and help cut back on factors of environmental detriment like deforestation and land pollution. In June 2013, the Washington Post featured an article that followed Rachel and Derek Liu, a couple from Washington, on their adventure to a local salvage yard. Rachel and Derek frequent the local salvage yard where...

Rustic Color Schemes for Your Den

by Storehouse Salvage
Blending more traditional decorating with rustic elements makes for a tricky endeavor. Traditional decorating relies on symmetry, muted colors, and dark woods, while rustic decorating is more unexpected, both in furnishings and its arrangement. Nevertheless, the two can work well together. Rustic Accents  Accent pieces add visual interest and blend rustic and traditional design elements. Use choice traditional pieces in a rustic room and rustic pieces in a traditional room to personalize your space. For example, an antique sideboard might get lost in a rustic dining room, but the same piece would certainly stand out if placed in a traditional dining room! Similarly, a traditional overstuffed sofa will add comfort to a rustic living room that’s otherwise filled...

Create an Efficient Live-Work Space

by Storehouse Salvage
One of the greatest benefits of working from home is the freedom to design your workspace as you wish! No matter the type of work you churn out from your home office, your mood and productivity will be affected by its set up. Just as a cluttered desk results in a cluttered mind, a disorganized home office is the single most preventable source of unnecessary mind-blocks to new ideas. Keep Your Work and Personal Life Separate Since your office space exists in your home, maintaining a distinction between the two will enhance your productivity. Examine your home office every so often to determine how much of your workplace has been infiltrated with distractions. Make it your mission to clear away your television, game consoles, and other distractions, relocating...

Create Your Own Reading Nook

by Storehouse Salvage
Few things are more beneficial for your health and mental well-being than spending a quiet afternoon curling up with a great book at home. Why not create a cozy area specifically for this purpose? Whether you’re building for kids or adults, these well-lit reading spots will bring peaceful tones to any room–and they’re extremely easy to set up! Add Comfortable Seating and Lighting These are the two fundamental requirements of any quality reading nook. Choose a space with either natural light or a reading-appropriate lamp and a cushioned seat with pillows for additional comfort. Your reading nook is a great way to turn a small awkward corner in a living room, playroom, or attic into a well-received functional space. If space is exceptionally tight, make...

6 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Salvaged Doors

by Storehouse Salvage
Long gone are the days of old when a door merely opened, closed and guarded homes from unwanted intrusions. Doors—specifically old salvaged doors—can be used in a number of ways to add rustic accents and refurbished utility to your home. Here we’ll feature some of our favorites from the wild world of creative salvage and give tips on how you can transform an old door into something truly spectacular. Rustic Indoor/Outdoor Table This brilliant piece of furniture can be as easy as cutting a door to the shape and size that fits your need and connecting legs to the back with a few deck screws. A rustic, salvaged door makes a wonderful coffee table or dining room table, and can be topped with a layer of glass to provide a smooth surface or make it better suited...