6 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Salvaged Doors

Long gone are the days of old when a door merely opened, closed and guarded homes from unwanted intrusions. Doors—specifically old salvaged doors—can be used in a number of ways to add rustic accents and refurbished utility to your home. Here we’ll feature some of our favorites from the wild world of creative salvage and give tips on how you can transform an old door into something truly spectacular.

Rustic Indoor/Outdoor Table

This brilliant piece of furniture can be as easy as cutting a door to the shape and size that fits your need and connecting legs to the back with a few deck screws. A rustic, salvaged door makes a wonderful coffee table or dining room table, and can be topped with a layer of glass to provide a smooth surface or make it better suited for the outdoors. Even without glass, the door itself is already weatherproof and therefore perfectly at home outdoors.

repurposed coffee table

Vintage-style Shelves

This is another easy DIY project that will add both functionality and personality to any room. All you will need to complete this project is a salvaged door (of course), several planks of wood that are wide enough to hold a book and long enough to span the width of the door, and a few triangular wooden pieces, which will act as supports for each shelf.

shelves door 2

Since many doors feature a cross pattern in the middle, we suggest cutting three triangular support pieces per shelf so that you have a support for the left side, one for the middle, and one for the right. Once your shelves are in place, the door is your canvas and the world is your oyster.

Salvaged Door Mirror

This DIY job takes a little more elbow grease and precision than the previous two, but the results can be stunning. For this project, we prefer using either a single mirror to fill one large section of the door, or using four small rectangular sections of mirror to fill the spaces in a door with a cross section.

6 mirror

Regardless of the style you choose, it’s not likely you’ll find a mirror that perfectly fits the dimensions of your door, so this project will most likely involve either cutting your mirror to fit your specific door or routing a space into your door that will fit your mirror. Once you have your space and your mirror(s) ready to go, you are a few lines of heavy adhesive (Locktite building adhesives work wonderfully) from creating a multifunctional home accessory.

DIY Chalkboard

A salvaged door makes for a fantastic multi-sectioned chalkboard, which can be used in the kid’s room, in the kitchen for writing recipes and reminders, or as an ever changing family art piece.

DIY Challkboard Door

This project involves the exact same idea as the mirror fitted door, but without the hassle of having to cut mirror. Chalkboard material is not only much easier to cut and fit, it’s also much lighter than glass, making it easier to hang. Like the mirrored door, once you have the pieces fit into the door, you are finished and ready to place and use it however you see fit.

Multi-photo Frame

A door with window panes is the perfect salvage for making an amazing photo album. Once you find a door with the panes still intact, all you have to do is place your photo behind the glass and back it with a material to keep the photograph in place. The number and size of your pictures will obviously depend on the quantity and size of the spaces in your salvaged door.

9 photo

A door without window panes requires a bit more creativity to execute, but it’s still a manageable project. Cut a plain piece of plywood to fit each of your door’s sections and attach them to your door with adhesive. Next, place your photo on top and a glass pane to hold it in place, and your salvage photo album is ready to be used in your home.

Distressed Home Door

The last of our favorite uses for a reclaimed or salvaged door is, naturally, as a door. Imagine the rustic accent that an artfully distressed door will add to a finely designed room. Whether this door leads to a closet, bathroom, or even serves as your front door, if you can find the right door to accent your room, it is sure to be a standout piece that will catch the eye of any and all visitors.

Did we leave anything out? Let us know what awesome, door-centric home projects you’ve taken on in the comments below!

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Published on: February 25, 2015
Written by: Storehouse Salvage

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